the turning device ppu2-pkg is connected to a stretchbanding machine. It is a stainless steel and aluminum anodize construction. It has been designed for stretch banding of different types of collations such as cartons, stacks of paper, bottles, etc., single or multi-packs.

Sectors of use:

pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing.

Main features:

Compact and stable construction in modular style design which allows easy cleaning of the machine. All surfaces are refined or of corrosion resistant material. The machine is electro-pneumatically controlled for individual adjustment of each machine motion which guarantees safe product handling. The unit is integrated into the infeed section of the stretch wrapper. This device functions as a turning and collating system with the following mechanism: each carton is gripped by the revolver turning device. If desired, every second box – or every 2nd and 3rd – is turned by 180° while the revolver makes half a turn. Since each case is gripped and passed on, they will have a defined spacing to each other after the revolver. The pack turned by 180° arrives and is inserted underneath the raised first pack. The cases which are reordered in this way are of the ‘hanging box’ type. Equipped with stainless steel electrical panel with plc. Guarding with interlocks.

Year of construction: 2000

serial number: 10048 a

Technical data: 
  • width mm 1100
  • height mm 2000
  • power kw 8,5
  • frequency hz 50-60
  • voltaggio volt 400


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