the tbf 40 realizes the formation of boxes with cover and / or trays for frozen food products, confectionary, food, textile, spare parts, small metal parts and so on.

Sectors of use:

tbf 40 is suitable for food, bakery or frozen products, ice-creams, spare parts, small metal products, textile, etc.

Main features:

the machine is mechanically driven by the main motor at variable speed, all managed by electric synchronism controls. The boxes obtained starting from a base flat blank which may be of the waved type, cardboard or corrugated and can be closed with a tuck-in closure or with hot melt system via dispenser of hot glue. The tbf 40 is particularly suitable to be inserted in line to closing machines, dosing and filling units, to create complete lines. The blanks are lying stacked and placed manually inside the guides and are picked up individually by suction cups. They are transported to the forming area where the formation is completed and closing of the box or tray.

Year of construction: 2002
Technical data:
  • length mm 2115
  • width mm 1080
  • height mm 2100
  • net weight kg 920
  • voltage volt 220/380
  • frequency hz 50
  • power installed kw 2 chiusura ad incastro; 5 chiusura a colla hot melt
  • air consumption nl/ciclo 2
  • min-max dimensions flat tray mm 100×80 – 720×750


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