automatic intermittent motion horizontal cartoning machine for manual or automatic product feed. Displaying device for controlling material on tray, controlling presence of product, cases, and packed product. Electric security device on the product pusher. Plexiglas protection with electric security device. Easily accessible emergency buttons. Automatic stop display.

Sectors of use:

the application area of the car-t5 is almost limitless. The machine is in use worldwide in the pharmaceutical, chemical processing, cosmetics and food industry the same way as for technical products, such as household items or toy and stationery goods.

Main features:

the car-t5 is a reliable, purely mechanically driven cartoning machine for versatile application fields. The robust execution of the whole system allows production with almost any carton quality. Its simple, fast, reproducible size changeover with easy handling and maintenance also make the car-t5 impressive. The cartoner is equipped with both fundamentally robust technology and engineering. Cartoning machine suitable for the packing of a wide product range from single to multiple products, pilable and non, with sealing of case tongues at both or alternate ends. Compact size and high efficiency make this machine ideal for any packaging line of suppositories, strips, tablets, filterable liquid and powder products, patches, bands, lamps, pads, films, bottles, rigid and soft tubes, etc. Solid construction and functional reliability also with lower carton qualities. Equipped with: leaflet folder guk mod. Fa 21-4 and code reader argus laetus.

Year: 1991

Technical data:
  • voltage volt 220
  • frequency hz 50
  • phases 3
  • current A 20


Production characteristics:

  • cartoning speed 100 cartons/min
  • carton width min-max 20-95 mm
  • carton height min-max 16-70 mm
  • carton length min-max 60-200 mm
  • type of closure: tuck-in or glue-type
  • folding carton size range min: 20 x 16 x 60 mm
  • folding carton size range max: 95 x 70 x 200 mm
  • leaflet size unfolded min: 90 x 90 mm
  • leaflet size unfolded max: 210 x 210 mm


SKU: Mf-pk-ast-53

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