Independent system, to be attached to a cartoning machine, intended for filling cardboard cases. The machine is composed of a structure in stainless steel aisi 304, equipped with wheels for movement. The unit is equipped with a cart head with suction cups for gripping of layer, moved by means of pneumatic units on two axes: horizontal and vertical. The vacuum necessary for the grip is achieved through the use of a venturi-type system.

Sectors of use:

pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing.

Main features:

semi-automatic machine able to the grouping of products in boxes, their introduction into cartons previously taken from stock, formats and positioned at the entrance opened in such a way that enable the mobile hopper and the pusher to carry out the filling, which completed the two groups of transport side, which serve to maintain the correct squaring, convey the same to the exit. The machine stacks products and insert the bundles thus obtained into shipping cartons previously formed. This system allows the machine to minimize the drawbacks and waste. The case packer is composed of: base, conveyor belt for feeding the products, assembling station (stacking of products). The cartons arrive on the conveyor belt already packed. Two photocells give consent to the complete row pusher that will move the cartons in the case preformation area. Once the layer is complete it is deposited in the cardboard box.

Year of construction: 2009

Technical data:
  • length mm 1400
  • width mm 600
  • height mm 1500
  • power absorbed kw 1,5
  • frequency hz 50
  • voltage volt 230
  • phases 1
  • compressed air bar 6



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