This Videojet excel 170i printer is a non-contact inkjet marking machine designed to print small character information onto a product. Especially used for industrial marking, coding and overprinting. Consistent high quality codes, requiring minimal operator intervention. Reliable start-up, even after uncontrolled shut down. On-button controls the complete start-up and shut down process. Rugged Cabinet Design in stainless steel, dust and splash proof. Flexible Applications. This printer is designed for installation in the smallest possible area. The EXCEL Series 170i printer can serialize, automatically advance expiration dates and print part numbers, batch codes and messages on any surface.

Sectors of use:

Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, other manufacturing industries.

Main features:

The printer consists of a print head connected to a stainless steel cabinet by way of a flexible conduit. The cabinet contains an ink system and a controlling electronic system operated via a panel on the cabinet front door. The ink system is mounted on a chassis, enabling it to be withdrawn from the cabinet. The print head components are mounted on a rigid chassis, with a fully enclosed top section containing the connections between the print head and the conduit wiring. The cabinet is made of stainless steel with doors to two separate compartments. The upper door carries the printer control panel. The conduit serving the print head and all external connections enter the left hand site. There are transport handles on both sides of the cabinet. Each printed character consists of a dot matrix made up of lines, or strokes of ink drops. The ink drops in each stroke are spaced apart by electronic deflection and the strokes are spaced apart by the movement of the print surface under the head. All operator control, maintenance and fault reporting is carried out via the front panel in communication with the electronic system. The printer is entirely software controlled. The ink system supplies the print head with ink at the correct pressure and viscosity. The printer contains a reservoir of printing ink and is equipped with apparatus for controlling the efficiency of the encoder and of the printing command sensor.

 Technical data:
  • Length mm 510
  • Width mm 205
  • Height mm 610
  • Net weight Kg 38
  • Voltage 100-240 volt
  • Frequency 50-60 Hz
  • Phases 1
  • Air pressure 6,9 bar
  • Print speed max 278 m/min


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