continuous motion cartoner machine, specifically designed to solve major problems packaging in cases. The machine has been set up for packing bags in cartons. When cartoning is carried out, the case is closed by means of mechanical levers and, if during the tests carried out along its path the case results correct, a point of glue is applied on each central flap of the box which then is completed and placed on the line. If it results incorrect, the case will be automatically rejected.

Sectors of use: 

pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing.

Main features: 

the cartoning cycle is completely automatic. The cartoner inserts a bag in every carton. The material handling parts the machine are protected by guards. Built in the operator panel is a an lcd display with function keys and numeric keypad. The machine is designed and built to be inserted in a continuous cycle production line. The cases are continuosly checked in order to guarantee that quality packs are produced by the machine. The construction is fully mechanical and requires minimal maintenance facilitated by a unique accessibility to all its parts.

The machine is made up of:
– conveyor belt that conveys bags from the form-fill-seal towards the bag feeder of cartoner
– alignment of bags (before arriving to the cartoner)
– cartoner with nordson gluer (glueing at two points)

Year of construction: 1997

Technical data: 
  • length ca mm 6580
  • width ca mm 2580
  • height ca mm 1860
  • net weight kg 3500
  • frequency hz 50
  • operation voltage volt 400
  • mains supply fuse a 20
  • nominal current a 12
  • Max. Production 200 carton/min
  • Carton size range
  • a: 34 – 150 mm
  • b: 15 – 85 mm
  • h: 75 – 230 mm
  • Format installed 130 x 56 x 220 mm


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