the a94 fully automatic continuous motion horizontal cartoner provides all the benefits of the most advanced production technology and constant research in this particular sector of automatic packaging. They combine the advantages of reduced overall dimensions with greater sturdiness and improved reliability presented in an attractive modern line. A94 is an accessible, reliable and efficient cartoner ensuring quiet running at high speed. Its design offers a balcony structure allowing fast access and easy cleaning. Its carton prebreaking and opening system combined to extrapositive carton handling by multiple belts ensures best carton forming control.

Sectors of use:

pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing.

Main features:

the fast reproducible changeover, dependable operation make it the best choice for long runs and multiple shifts. The a94 can handle a wide range of product feeding groups (for bottles, squeezable or rigid tubes, blisters, trays, vials, pouches, syringes, spoons, etc) and various tuck closing options. The unit is now working with tuck-in flaps with glue dots.

Guk prefolded leaflet feeder. Fa21/4 with 4 folding pockets.

Gr a9442 electromechanical blister feeder.

Year of construction: 1999

Technical data:
  • length mm 4690
  • width mm 1558
  • height mm 2172
  • weight ca. Kg 3600
  • frequency hz 50
  • voltage volt 380
  • pressione bar 6
  • cartons per minute 240
  • phases 3
  • carton length mm 30-150
  • carton width mm 12-85
  • carton height mm 55-210
  • formats installed mm 87x75x127 and 87x50x127


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